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    Can you name the first biomedical laboratory instrument that comes to your mind?

    Posted on October 22, 2015 by in -

    You don’t know much about biomedical laboratories?  Excellent!   Do me a favor then.  Can you name the first biomedical laboratory instrument that comes to your mind? You know too much about that type of laboratory to give an unbiased answer? Then ask the above question to your close ones (including children).  I would like to […]

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  • Happy Microscopy! Equipment re-location

    Posted on October 6, 2015 by in -

    Voir plus bas la version en français. — HAPPY MICROSCOPY!  Equipment re-location Challenge: A large research hospital laboratory needed to relocate an important equipment to new infrastructures. In addition to transmitted and fluorescent light microscopy, the system was equipment with a stage incubator as well micro-injection/micro-manipulator systems. Result: The microscopy system was carefully examined to […]

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  • Welcome Laurence!

    Posted on September 22, 2015 by in -

    MIA Cellavie is pleased to welcome Mrs. Laurence Lejeune to our group of specialists. Her expertise and dynamic personality will further strengthen our ability to address the microscopy needs of our customers. Welcome Laurence! MIA Cellavie est heureux d’accueillir Mme Laurence Lejeune parmi notre groupe de spécialistes. Son expertise et sa personnalité dynamique vont renforcer […]

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