Consulting, training/education and contractual research expertise to deepen knowledge.

Available support for consulting, training and education:

  • Determine how light microscopy will help reach the research objectives
  • Guidance in choosing reagents, fluorochromes/fluorophores, equipment and type of microscopy
  • Basic and advanced education on various topics of light microscopy
  • Customized training adapted for the microscopy systems to progress efficiently and profitably
  • Planning and consulting on experimental protocol, and strategies for sample preparation, quality and protection
  • Instructions and reference manuals, customized imaging and analysis protocols, troubleshooting

Contracual research:

  • Working with the customer, our expertise allows us to carry microscopy-based research projects in a highly efficient manner, from planning of experiments to publication of the results

Microscopy equipment training plans where goals of trainings are:

  • Acquire images without damaging the equipment
  • Acquire images without destroying the sample
  • Acquire images suitable for subsequent analysis (quantitatively)


Microscopy Equipment Training Plans:

  • Basic microscopy and operation (hardware/software)
  • Objective assessment protocol
  • Objective cleaning protocol
  • Test slide
  • Consultation time
  • Individual log in computer account
  • Basic acquisition configuration set
  • Customized manual
  • Educational events (lectures, workshops etc)
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