Solutions for image processing and analysis to get robust and reliable answers.

Knowledge of several commercial and opensource imaging software:

  • ImageJ (National Institutes of Health)/Fiji
  • Zen, LSM AIM, and AxioVision (Carl Zeiss)
  • LAS (Leica)
  • FluoView (Olympus)
  • NIS elements (Nikon)
  • ImagePro Premier, ImagePro+ and AutoQuant (Media Cybernetics)
  • Metamorph (Molecular Devices)
  • Volocity  and OpenLab (Improvision)
  • Imaris (Bitplane)
  • Northern Eclipse (Empix Imaging) 
  • Isee (Inovision)

Expertise with in various image processing and analysis:

  • Point operations (brightness, contrast, gamma and background corrections)
  • Filter operations (smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, median and morphological)
  • Noise corrections
  • Object separation and counting (geometry-based watershed and intensity-based thresholding)
  • Colocalization (intensity correlation coefficient-based, object-based  and replicate-based analysis methods)
  • Time-based measurements (cell motility/velocity, chemoattraction and tracking)
  • Surface and volume measurements
  • Deconvolution algorithms (non-iterative, constrained iterative, statistical and blind)
  • Image correlation methods
  • Photomanipulation techniques
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