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Get the best performance out of your equipment

At MIA Cellavie, our mission is to help you and your team optimize equipment performance and rapidly acquire data quantitatively. With our expertise in light microscopy systems quality control and data/metadata management, we want to ensure your microscopy work is artefact-free, quantitative and reproducible.

“Have your microscopy equipments performing according to the specifications described by”

Microscopy Equipment Quality Control Plans FOR:

-Quantitative evaluation (resolution and shape, spherical and chromatic aberrations)

-Laser performance (intensity, stability, alignment, illumination uniformity, mode-locking)
-Light through put efficiency (photo-electron conversion factor)
-Filter cube performance (color registration, chromatic aberrations)
-Dichroic mirrors and emission filters performance (color registration, chromatic aberrations)

-Image distortion evaluation
-Performance (offset and noise)
-Pinhole alignment


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